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Pyrogen Marine Kit - Surveyed Vessel - 40 M3

Pyrogen Marine Kit - Surveyed Vessel - 40 M3

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MONITORED SYSTEM for VESSELS UNDER SURVEY – electrical manual activation
Small Boats with One Engine Room (Commercial Use)

Kit Contains

4 EXA-M-5 Fire Suppression Module EXA-M-10
1 1012ZWDIS 2-Zone FireChase™ Detection Panel with Discharge
2 203JB2/3MA Monitoring Junction Box for Multiple Fire Suppression Modules
4 402-TP-90C Thermal Probe Detector Fixed Temperature 90˚C
1 210-BG-PF Break Glass with Protective Flap
1 506-SAS928 Strobe & Sounder Combined
1 513-ISEVAC Illuminated Sign ‘Evacuate Area’ with Sounder
1 513-ISDNE Illuminated Sign ‘Do Not Enter’ with Sounder
1 201DOB2 Dual Output Booster
3 607-WSS Warning Sign
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